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Biosample Center

Biosample Center
RERF established the Biosample Center on April 1, 2013, with the aim of collecting, preserving, and using blood and urine biosamples, as well as managing in an integrated manner its large number of such biosamples. Since 1969, in preparation for future research, we have collected blood and other biosamples, based on cooperation from the subjects of the Adult Health Study (AHS) and the Clinical Study of the F1 Offspring of A-bomb Survivors, resulting in an archive of approximately 980,000 biosamples obtained from about 30,000 health examination participants as of the end of 2012. To preserve among these samples lymphocytes in liquid nitrogen tanks at a temperature of -196℃ and serum, plasma, blood cells, and urine samples in deep-freezers at -80℃, 37 liquid nitrogen tanks and 99 deep-freezers are in use in Hiroshima and Nagasaki (as of February 2012). The Biosample Center allows RERF to proceed with its plans for the centralized preservation and maintenance of all of our important biosamples, including pathological tissue, tooth, and other specimens. Plans for the Center also include the creation of biosample databases to enable us to share such information with researchers both inside and outside of Japan.

Research Scientists and their Research Interests

Kazunori Kodama,MD,PhD, Center Director
 Clinical medicine