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The Department of Information Technology (ITD)

The Department of Information Technology (ITD)
The Department of Information Technology (ITD) consists of the Systems Technology Section and the Library and Archives Section. ITD strives to be the center of information for RERF's research activities. There are three major areas of focus of ITD.

The first area relates to information processing equipment; i.e., the maintenance of internal and external network environment, the maintenance and management of computer equipment including servers, the database management, the development of database application for users, and providing user support.

The second area is the management of information. This includes the ABCC-RERF archives, the handling of RERF publications and reports, and the management and operations of the RERF Library, which houses valuable books and journals on radiation.

The third area is the participation in international collaboration and technical collaboration with universities in and outside Japan. ITD collaborates technically with the Computer Department of the Human Genome Center, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the US. The department is also involved in the construction of databases for health study of those exposed to low-dose radiation chronically from nuclear tests in Semipalatinsk, Republic of Kazakhstan.

Research Scientists and their Research Interests

Hiroaki Katayama, PhD, Department Chief
Development of database for epidemiological analysis