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Age-time patterns of radiogenic cancer risk: Their nature and likely explanations [PDF]
A manuscript by DA Pierce (posted 16 February 2002)
Age-time patterns of cancer to be anticipated from exposure to general mutagens [PDF]
An unpublished paper by DA Pierce and M Vaeth (posted 29 January 2002)
Comments and updates regarding published papers
Update on longevity [PDF]
Longevity estimates for an expanded number of low-dose strata and information regarding errors in the paper "Longevity of Atomic-bomb Survivors" by Cologne and Preston (The Lancet, volume 356, pages 303-7, July 22, 2000) (posted 15 May 2001)
EPICURE® scripts
Low dose radiation effects on cancer mortality
Code and instructions for analyzing the Life Span Study Report 12 data on low-dose (0-0.05 Sievert) effects seen with cancer mortality (posted 9 Jan 1998)
Comments regarding claims of epilation and other acute radiation effects
Were there acute radiation symptoms (such as epilation and subcutaneous bleeding) among those exposed to A-bomb radiation at distances beyond 2 km? Comments on the report of the "Manhattan Investigation Team" and related news stories. (posted 23 Feb 1998)
Breast Cancer Research Protocol 6-02
Relevant sections related to study design, analysis, and power. (posted 26 Aug 2003)