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RERF Glossary

Blue Ribbon Panel

A panel of internationally prominent experts in the field of radiation research whose membership was selected by RERF's funding agencies. The Panel met with RERF researchers in Hiroshima during 5?7 February 1996 and in Nagasaki on 8 February 1996. The Panel's report was submitted on 2 July 1996.

Members of the Blue Ribbon Panel:
Roger H. Clarke (Chairman) Director, National Radiological Protection Board, UK
  Tadao Shimao President, Japan Anti-Tuberculosis Association
  H. Jack Geiger Professor and Chairman, Department of Community Health and Social Medicine, City University of New York Medical School
  Wataru Mori President, Japanese Association of Medical Sciences
  Herbert L. Abrams Professor of Radiology, Stanford University School of Medicine
  Dan Beninson President of the Board of Directors, National Board of Nuclear Regulation, Argentina
  Valerie Beral Director, Cancer Epidemiology Unit, Imperial Cancer Research Fund, UK
  Keith H. Lokan Director, Australian Radiation Laboratory
  Albrecht M. Kellerer Professor and Director, Radiation Biology Institute, Ludwig Maximillians University, Munich
  Colin R. Muirhead (Technical Assistant to the Panel), National Radiological Protection Board, UK
Technical Report