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Ohtsura Niwa

1967 Enrolled in Postgraduate Course, Kyoto University (zoology; Department of Radiobiology [under Professor Mikita Kato])
Graduated from Kyoto University (zoology)
1972 Enrolled in Postgraduate course, Stanford University (biophysics)
Supervising instructors: Prof. Philip C. Hanawalt & Prof. Henry S. Kaplan
1975 Completed above and obtained Ph.D. degree
Professional appointments
Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine
1975-1984 Assistant, Department of Experimental Radiology
Hiroshima University Research Institute for Nuclear Medicine and Biology
1984-1991 Assistant Professor, Department of Pathology
1991-1997 Professor, (department above renamed as the Department of Molecular Pathology with reorganization in 1994)
Kyoto University Radiation Biology Center
1997-2007 Professor
1999-2003 Director
National Institute of Radiological Sciences
2007-2009 Deputy Director, Research Center for Charged Particle Therapy
BioMedics-Japan Inc.
2009-2012 Representative Director and President
Fukushima Medical University
2012-2015 Extraordinary Professor
Radiation Effects Research Foundation
2015-present Chairman
Honors and awards
2005 Roentgen Medal
2015 Nagasaki Dr. Nagai Peace Memorial Prize
2015 Henry S. Kaplan Distinguished Scientist Award
Professional activities
2000–2003 President, The Japanese Radiation Research Society
2001–2009 Member, Committee 1, International Commission on Radiological Protection(ICRP)
2002–2013 Member, Japanese Expert Panel for the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR)
2007–2011 Vice President and President, International Association of Radiation Research
2009–2017 Member of the ICRP Main Commission
Recent publications
Measurement and comparison of individual external doses of high-schoolstudents living in Japan, France, Poland and Belarus-the D-shuttle' project. J Radiol Prot. 2016, 36 (1):49-66 Nuclear disasters and health: lessons learned, challenges, and proposals. Lancet. 2015 Aug 1;386(9992):489-497
ICRP Publication 131: Stem cell biology with respect to carcinogenesis aspects of radiological protection. Ann ICRP. 2015. 44(3-4): 1-357