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Vice Chairman
Robert L. Ullrich

B.S. Creighton University, 1969
M.S. Creighton University, 1971
Ph.D. University of Rochester, 1975
Professional appointments

Oak Ridge National Laboratory

1974-1988 Staff Scientist to Senior Scientist, Biology Division
1977-1989 Head, Radiation Carcinogenesis Unit, Biology Division
The University of Texas Medical Branch
1989-2001 Professor and Director, Biology Division, Dept. of Radiation Oncology
Colorado State University
2001-2008 Professor, Departments of Environmental and Radiological Health Sciences and of Clinical Sciences
2001-2008 Director, Cancer Research and Radiological Health Sciences Program
2004-2008 Institutional Director, Colorado State University Component, University of Colorado Consortium Comprehensive Cancer Center
The University of Texas Medical Branch
2008-2013 Professor, Departments of Radiation Oncology, and of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
2009-2013 Director, Sealy Center for Cancer Biology
Radiation Effects Research Foundation
2013-2015 Associate Chief of Research
2015-present Vice Chairman
Professional activities
President, Radiation Research Society
International Commission on Radiological Protection. Committee 1
NAS/NRC Committee on Health Risks of Exposure to Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation (BEIR VII)
International Association for Research on Cancer working groups on radiation carcinognensis and mechanisms of carcinogenesis
Honors and awards
R.J.M. Fry Research Award, Radiation Research Society.
Vincent P. Collins Distinguished Professor, UTMB
Barbara Cox Anthony Distinguished University Chair, CSU
Distinguished Emeritus Member, NCRP
John Sealy Distinguished Chair in Cancer Biology, UTMB
Failla Medal, Radiation Research Society.
Recent pubulications
M. M. Weil, J. S. Bedford, E. J. Ehrhart, F. A. Ray, P. C. Genik, C. Fallgren, M. Callan, R. L. Ullrich. Incidence of acute myeloid leukemia and hepatocellular carcinoma in 1 GeV/n 56Fe irradiated mice. Radiation Research, 172: 213-219, 2009.
Igor Shuryak, Robert L. Ullrich, Rainer K. Sachs, and David J. Brenner. The Balance Between Initiation and Promotion in Radiation-Induced Murine Carcinogenesis. Radiation Research 174: 357-366, 2010.
Kristin M. Fabre, Lila Ramaiah, Ryan C. Dregalla, Christian Desaintes, Michael M. Weil, Susan M. Bailey, and Robert L. Ullrich. Murine Prkdc polymorphisms impact DNA-PKcs function. Radiation Research 175: 493-500, 2011.
Igor Shuryak, David J. Brenner, and Robert L.Ullrich. Gamma rays and neutrons produce cancer through different mechanisms. PLoS One. 2011; 6(12):e28559. Epub 2011 Dec 14.
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Carla Kantara, Ixiu Ortiz, Joyce Kuo, Robert Davey, Kenneth Escobar, Robert Ullrich, and Pomila Singh. Curcumin promotes autophagic survival of a sub-set of DCLK1+vecolon cancer stem cells, which is ablated by DCLK1-siRNA Cancer Research 74: 2487-98, 2014
Michael M. Weil, Andrew Ray, Jeffrey W. Bacher, Joel S. Bedford, Leta Steffen, Lianghao Ding, Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann, Paula C. Genik, Bradford Loucas, Yongjia Yu, Maureen McCarthy, Astrid Corbin, Lauren Macias, Daniel Olivares, Christina M. Fallgren, Michael D. Story, and Robert L. Ullrich. Effects of 350 MeV/n 28Si and 600MeV/n 56Fe ions on the induction of acute myeloid leukemia and hepatocellular carcinoma. PLoS One Aug 15;9(8): 2014.
Paula C. Genik, Irina Vyazunova, Leta S. Steffen, Jeffery W. Bacherb, Helle Bielefeldt-Ohmann, Scott McKercher, Robert L. Ullrich, Christina M. Fallgren, Michael M. Weil, F. Andrew Ray. Leukemogenesis in Heterozygous PU.1 Knockout Mice. Radiation Research, 182:310-315, 2014
Carla Kantara, Malaney O'Connell, Gurinder Luthra, Aakash Gajjar, Robert Ullrich, Shubhashish Sarkar, and Pomila Singh. Methods for Detecting Circulating Cancer Stem Cells (CCSCs) as a Novel Approach for Diagnosis of Colon Cancer Relapse/Metastasis. Lab. Investigation 95: 100-12, 2014.
Melpo Christofidou-Solomidou, Ralph Pietrofesa, Evguenia Arguiri, Kelly Schweitzer, Evgeny Berdyshev, Maureen McCarthy, Astrid Corbitt, Joshua Alwood, Yongjia Yu, Ruth Globus, Charalambos Solomides, Robert Ullrich, and Irina Petrache. Space Radiation Associated Lung Injury in a Murine Model. Am J Physiol Lung Cell Mol Physiol. 308(5):L416-28, 2015.
Crowley KD, Cullings HM, Landes RD, Shore RE, Ullrich RL. Comments on Estimating Risks of Low Radiation Doses-A Critical Review of the BEIR VII Report and Its Use of the Linear No-Threshold (LNT) Hypothesis by Edward J. Calabrese and Michael K. O'Connor. Radiat Res. 183(4):476-81, 2015.
Carla Kantara, Stephanie M. Moya, Courtney W. Houchen, Shahid Umar, Robert L. Ullrich, Pomila Singh, Darrell H. Carney. TP508, A Novel Regenerative Peptide, Mitigates Radiation-Induced Gastrointestinal Damage By Preserving Crypt Integrity And Activating Crypt Stem Cells. Lab Investigation, 95(11): 1222-1233, 2015.