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Adult Health Study (AHS) Report Series

Following is a list of Adult Health Study (AHS) report titles. To proceed to the journal article or the ABCC or RERF Technical Report to read a summary of each report, please select the appropriate highlighted title. (Journal citations in reports prior to 1993 are indicated in Editor's note under each report title.)
AHS Report 8
Noncancer disease incidence in atomic bomb survivors, 1958-1998 (RR 17-03)
AHS Report 7
Noncancer disease incidence in the atomic-bomb survivors, 1958-1986 (examination cycles 1-14) (TR 1-92)
AHS Report 6
Results of six examination cycles, 1968-1980, Hiroshima and Nagasaki (TR 3-86)
AHS Report 5
Results of the first five examination cycles, Hiroshima-Nagasaki, 1958-1968 (TR 9-71)
AHS Report 4
1960-1962 cycle of examinations, Hiroshima-Nagasaki (TR 20-63)
AHS Report 3
1958-1960 cycle of examinations, Hiroshima (TR 19-63)
AHS Report 2
1958-1960 cycle of examinations, Nagasaki (TR 12-63)
AHS preliminary report
AHS preliminary report, 1958-1959 (TR 11-61)