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Commentary and Review Series (1989-present)

Reports in the Commentary and Review (CR) Series are published to rapidly disseminate ideas, discussions, comments, and recommendations on research carried out by RERF scientists and directors. This series also includes working papers or invited presentations prepared for national and international organizations or conferences, and discussions of research concerning atomic-bomb survivors carried out elsewhere. When a complete Japanese translation exists, it is noted in the listing.
Commentary and Review Series 1-14
Prognostic significance of premature ventricular contractions without obvious heart diseases determined by standard 12-lead electrocardiography considering their morphology
Haruta D, Akahoshi M, Hida A, Sera N, Imaizumi M, Ichimaru S, Nakashima E, Takahashi I, Ohishi W, Fukae S, Maemura K
Ann Noninvasive Electrocardiol 21(2) : 142-51, 2016 (March)
doi: 10.1111/anec.12275
Commentary and Review Series 1-12
A review of Yamada-Jones report at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Ozasa K
Commentary and Review Series 2-12
Radiation effects on human heredity
Nakamura N, Suyama A, Noda A, Kodama Y
Annu Rev Genet 2013 (November); 47:33-50
doi: 10.1146/annurev-genet-111212-133501
Commentary and Review Series 1-10
Better radiation exposure estimation for the Japanese atomic-bomb survivors enables us to better protect people from radiation today
Cullings HM, Smith KR
J Expo Sci Environ Epidemiol 2010 (Nov); 20(7):575-6
Commentary and Review Series 1-09
Radiation unlikely to be responsible for high cancer rates among distal Hiroshima A-bomb survivors
Grant EJ, Shimizu Y, Kasagi F, Cullings HM, Shore RE
Environ Health Prev Med 14(4):247-9, 2009
Commentary and Review Series 2-09
Thyroid cancer: Molecular characteristics of radiation-associated papillary thyroid cancer, with a special reference to atomic radiation exposure
Kiyohiro Hamatani, Keiko Takahashi, Masataka Taga
J Thyroid Disorders & Therapy 2015 (May); 4(2):1-7
doi: 10.4172/2167-7948.1000183
Commentary and Review Series 3-09
Atomic-bomb survivors: Long-term health effects of radiation
Mabuchi K, Fujiwara S, Preston DL, Shimizu Y, Nakamura N, Shore RE
Shrieve DC, Loeffler JS, eds. Human Radiation Injury.
Philadelphia: Lippincott, Williams & Wilkins; 2010, pp 89-113
Commentary and Review Series 4-09
Fatty liver incidence and predictive variables
Tsuneto A, Hida A, Sera N, Imaizumi M, Ichimaru S, Nakashima E, Seto S, Maemura K, Akahoshi M
Hypertens Res 2010 (Jun); 33(6):638-43
Commentary and Review Series 1-08
Risk from ionizing radiation
Cullings HM, Cologne JB
Melnick EL, Everitt BS, eds. Encyclopedia of Quantitative Risk Analysis and Assessment. Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.; 2008 (July), pp 1540-6
Commentary and Review Series 2-08
Report of the Senior Review Panel on Future Planning for Radiation Effects Research Foundation
J. Paul Gilman, Sadayoshi Kitagawa, Joe W. Gray, Tomoko Kusama, Gloria Petersen, Eiichi Tahara, R. Julian Preston, Suketami Tominaga
Commentary and Review Series 1-07
Long-lasting alterations of the immune system by ionizing radiation exposure: Implications for disease development among atomic bomb survivors
Kusunoki Y, Hayashi T
Int J Radiat Biol 84(1):1-14, 2008
Commentary and Review Series 2-07
Validation of the use of freeze-dried sera for the diagnosis of hepatitis B and C virus infections in a longitudinal study cohort
Ohishi W, Fujiwara S, Suzuki G, Chayama K
Research Advances in Microbiology 7. Mohan RM (edit). Kerala: Global Research Network; pp 1-9, 2007 June
Commentary and Review Series 1-04
Commentary: Mechanistic models for radiation carcinogenesis and the atomic bomb survivor data
Pierce DA
Radiat Res 160(6):718-23, 2003

Response to the Commentary
Heidenreigh WF et al.
Radiat Res 161(3):369-71, 2004

Age-time patterns of radiogenic cancer risk: Their nature and likely explanations
Pierce DA
J Radiol Prot 22(3A):A147-54, 2002
Commentary and Review No. 1-99
T-cell function and disease development: Implications for future immunological studies involving A-bomb survivors (Report of the RERF Immunology Workshop, March 10-11, 1999, Hiroshima)
Kusunoki Y, Hayashi T, Hamatani K, Kyoizumi S
Japanese translation is available.
Commentary and Review No. 1-98
Blood group frequencies in atomic-bomb survivors and their children
Izumi S, Preston DL, Ohara JL, Hamilton HB
Commentary and Review No. 2-98
F values as cytogenetic fingerprints of prior exposure to different radiation qualities: Prediction, reality and future
Nakamura N, Tucker JD, Bauchinger M, Littlefield LG, Lloyd DC, Preston RJ, Sasaki MS, Awa AA, Wolff S
Radiat Res 150:492-4, 1998
Commentary and Review No. 1-97
Review: Radiation-related brain damage and growth retardation among the prenatally exposed atomic bomb survivors
Otake M, Schull WJ
Int J Radiat Biol 74(2):159-71, 1998
Commentary and Review No. 1-96
A simple reductionist model for cancer risk in atom bomb survivors
Mendelsohn ML
In: Modeling of Biological Effects and Risks of Radiation Exposure (NIRS Symposium Series No. 26). Ed by Inaba J, Kobayashi S. Chiba, National Institute of Radiological Sciences, 1995. pp 185-92
Japanese translation is available. (Hoshasen Seibutsu Kenkyu [Radiat Biol Res Commun] 33(1):12-24,1998)
Commentary and Review No. 2-96
Radiation Effects Research Foundation research program: Historical perspectives, 1946-1995
Abrahamson S
Japanese CR exists.
and full text
Commentary and Review No. 3-96
Report of the Blue Ribbon Panel, 1996. Review of the Radiation Effects Research Foundation
Clarke RH, Shimao T, Mori W, Beninson D,Lokan KH, Geiger HJ, Abrams HL, Beral V, Kellerer AM, Technical assistant to the panel: Muirhead CR
Japanese translation is available.
and full text
No reports were published in the Commentary and Review Series.
Commentary and Review No. 1-94
The current applicability of large scale biomarker programs to monitor cleanup workers
Mendelsohn ML
In: Biomarkers and Occupational Health: Progress and Perspectives. Ed by Mendelsohn ML, Peeters JP, Normandy MJ. Washington, DC, Joseph Henry Press, 1995. pp 9-19
Commentary and Review No. 1-93
Two methods for the analysis of chromosome aberration data from the atomic-bomb survivors: Quasi-likelihood moment method and beta-binomial method
Nakashima E, Ohtaki K
J Jpn Stat Soc 24(2):209-19, 1994
Commentary and Review No. 2-93
Comparison of numerical results of repeated measurements of height based on two growth curve models with random-effects and general covariance structures
Otake M, Nakashima E, Fujikoshi Y, Carter RL, Tanaka S, Kubo Y
J Jpn Stat Soc 24(1):1-14, 1994
Commentary and Review No. 3-93
Analysis of chromosome aberration data with measurement error from atomic-bomb survivors: Utilization of large-scale external information
Nakashima E, Ohtaki K
Jpn J Biometrics 16:19-36, 1995
Commentary and Review No. 1-92
Correcting for catchment area nonresidency in studies based on tumor-registry data
Sposto R, Preston DL
Commentary and Review No. 2-92
Application of generalized estimating equations to a study in vitro of radiation sensitivity
Cologne JB, Carter RL, Fujita S, Ban S
Biometrics 49:927-34, 1993
Commentary and Review No. 3-92
Rogue lymphocytes among Ukrainians not exposed to radioactive fallout from the Chernobyl accident: Possible role of this phenomenon in oncogenesis, teratogenesis, and mutagenesis
Neel JV, Awa AA, Kodama Y, Nakano M, Mabuchi K
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 89:6973-7, 1992
Commentary and Review No. 4-92
Estimating the temporal distribution of exposure-related cancers
Carter RL, Sposto R, Preston DL
Commentary and Review No. 5-92
Report of a workshop on the application of molecular genetics to the study of mutation in the children of atomic-bomb survivors
Neel JV, Satoh C, Myers R
Mutat Res 291:1-20, 1993
Commentary and Review No. 6-92
Agreement between death-certificate and autopsy diagnoses among atomic-bomb survivors
Ron E, Carter RL, Jablon S, Mabuchi K
Epidemiol 5:48-56, 1994
Commentary and Review No. 1-91
Piecewise linear regression splines with hyperbolic covariates
Cologne JB, Sposto R
J Applied Stat 21(4):221-33, 1994
Commentary and Review No. 2-91
The influence of death-certificate errors on cancer mortality trends
Ron E, Hoel DG, Carter RL, Mabuchi K
J Natl Cancer Inst 85(13):1063-8, 1993
Commentary and Review No. 3-91
Cancer incidence in atomic bomb survivors. Part I: Use of the tumor registries in Hiroshima and Nagasaki for incidence studies
Mabuchi K, Soda M, Ron E, Tokunaga M, Ochikubo S, Sugimoto S, Ikeda T, Terasaki M, Preston DL, Thompson DE
Radiat Res 137S:1-16, 1994
Japanese CR exists.
Commentary and Review No. 1-90
A nested case-control approach to interactions between radiation dose and other factors as causes of cancer
Land CE
Japanese CR exists.
Commentary and Review No. 1-89
An overview of the cancer mortality data on the atomic bomb survivors
Pierce DA
In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Risk Assessment of Energy Development and Modern Technology, Kyoto, 26-27 April 1988. Ed by Sugahara T, Aoyama T, Ikebuchi M, Yonehara H. Kyoto, Health Research Foundation, 1989. pp 72-81
Commentary and Review No. 2-89
Cancer risk estimation from the A-bomb survivors: Extrapolation to low doses, use of relative risk models, and other uncertainties
Pierce DA, Vaeth M
In: Low Dose Radiation: Biological Bases of Risk Assessment. Ed by Baverstock KF, Stather JW. London, Taylor & Francis, 1989. pp 54-69. Proceedings of the 14th LH Gray Conference on Low Dose Radiation--Biological Bases of Risk Assessment, Oxford, 1988
Commentary and Review No. 3-89
Calculating excess lifetime risk in relative risk models
Vaeth M, Pierce DA
Environ Health Perspect 87:83-94, 1990
Japanese CR exists.
Commentary and Review No. 4-89
A review of radiation-related brain damage in the prenatally exposed atomic bomb survivors
Otake M, Schull WJ, Yoshimaru H
In: Proceedings of the International Conference on Risk Assessment of Energy Development and Modern Technology, Kyoto, 26-27 April 1988. Ed by Sugahara T, Aoyama T, Ikebuchi M, Yonehara H. Kyoto, Health Research Foundation, 1989. pp 35-47