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Downloadable Data

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    Department of Information Technology
    Radiation Effects Research Foundation
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    Hiroshima, 732-0815
Life Span Study solid cancer incidence data, 1958-2009 (all solid cancers)

The incidence of leukemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma among atomic bomb survivors: 1950-2001

Life Span Study Report 14. Cancer and noncancer disease mortality data, 1950-2003

Life Span Study circulatory disease mortality data, 1950-2003

Solid cancer incidence data, 1958-1998

DS02 risk estimation: Solid cancer and leukemia mortality data

Life Span Study Report 13. Cancer and noncancer mortality data

Report 12. Mortality data,1950-90 (Part 1: Cancer, Part 2: Non-cancer)

Solid cancer and leukemia incidence data, 1958-1987

Life Span Study liver cancer incidence data

Report 11. Mortality data, 1950-85
(including mortality data with stratification on acute effects)

Report 10. Cancer mortality data, 1950-82

DS86 dose by distance