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RERF Update
RERF Annual Report
Reports on Atomic Bomb Radiation Dosimetry Systems

Reassessment of the Atomic Bomb Radiation Dosimetry for Hiroshima and Nagasaki--Dosimetry System 2002 (DS02)

Volume 1 : Chapters 1 - 7 [PDF]
Volume 2 : Chapters 8 - 13 [PDF]
Errata [PDF]

US-Japan Joint Reassessment of Atomic Bomb Radiation Dosimetryin Hiroshima and Nagasaki (DS86)

Volume 1 : Chapters 1 - 9 [PDF]
Volume 2 : Appendices [PDF]
Scientific Publications
Life Span Study (LSS) Report Series

Adult Health Study (AHS) Report Series

RERF Report Series (1993-present)

Technical Report Series (1959-1992)

Commentary and Review Series (1989-present)

Other Journal Publications

Publications of Interest Using RERF Data
Other publications
Pamphlets, etc.
Leaflet explaining RERF research
Commemorative Publications