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A Tender Notice

A Tender Notice
An open competitive tender will be conducted for the following service contract.
December 7, 2015
Eiji Akimoto, Chief of Secretariat
Radiation Effects Research Foundation
1. Detail of service contract
(1) Required service: Database development and maintenance for the FY-2015 Epidemiological Study of Health Effects in Fukushima Emergency Workers
(2) Specification: In accordance with specifications
(3) Contract period: From the day the contract is concluded to March 31, 2016 (Thursday)
(4) Tender method: Open competitive tender (lowest price system)
A tender price excluding consumption tax to be entered in a tender form
2. Qualifications to participate in the open competitive tender
Those wishing to participate in the tender are required to submit an application form for qualification review to participate in an open competitive tender and an application form to participate in an open competitive tender by 17:00 on December 18, 2015 (Friday).
3. Issuance of specifications
(1) Period: From December 7 (Monday) to December 14 (Monday), 2015
(2) Place: Supply and Property Section, Secretariat, Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF)
Specifications and tender instructions will be provided to potential tenderers upon request
4. Tender conditions
(1) Requirement: Potential tenderers must have capability to fully implement the work described in the specifications.
(2) Invalid tender: A tender by those without the aforementioned qualifications or a tender in violation of the tender conditions will be invalid.
(3) Other condition: Potential tenderer must not be those as prescribed in each item of Article 32, paragraph (1) of the Act for the Prevention of Wrongful Acts by Members of Organized Crime Groups (Act No. 77, 1991).
5. Explanatory meeting
(1) Time and date: 10:00, December 14, 2015 (Monday)
(2) Place: C-211, RERF in Hiroshima
6. Questions and answers
(1) Questions will be received from December 8 (Tuesday) to December 18 (Friday), 2015
(2) Answers will be provided on December 22, 2015 (Tuesday)
7. Time and date for the tender (tender opening)
(1) Time and date: 10:00, January 5, 2016 (Tuesday)
(2) Place: C-211, RERF in Hiroshima
8. How to determine a successful tenderer
A tenderer who offered the lowest price within the specified range of target price will be a counterparty to the contract. However, a tenderer that has offered the lowest price within the specified range of target price may not be selected if it is found likely that the supplier that should be the counterparty to the contract will not satisfactorily perform the terms of contract for the price that supplier has offered, or if it is found to be extremely inappropriate to enter into the contract with the supplier that should be the counterparty for the price that the supplier has offered because of the likelihood that doing so will disrupt the establishment of a fair transaction.
9. Others
(1) Deposit: Exempted.
(2) Contract: Will be prepared in writing.
(3) Detailed information is provided in the tender instructions