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Special Cancer Studies

Research Protocol 29-60

Detection of leukemia and related disorders

Research Protocol 9-88

Guidelines for the conduct of site-specific cancer incidence studies among A-bomb survivors, Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Research Protocol 3-94

Incidence of lymphoid malignancies among the atomic-bomb survivors, 1950-90

Research Protocol 1-06

Study on cancer of the uterus among A-bomb survivors in the Life Span Study cohort, 1950-2003 (Addendum to RP 8-85)

Research Protocol 4-07

Pathology study of malignant tumors of soft tissue and bone among A-bomb survivors, 1957-2003

Research Protocol 5-08

Breast cancer incidence among atomic-bomb survivors, 1950-2005

Research Protocol 1-09

A nested case-control study of factors contributing to acceleration of the development of hepatocellular carcinoma using stored sera (addendum to RP 1-04)

Research Protocol 2-09

Study on secondary cancer risks after radiotherapy among A-bomb survivors

Research Protocol 6-10

Intrinsic subtypes of breast cancer among atomic-bomb survivors (Addendum to RP 5-08)

Research Protocol 7-11

Preservation of fresh thyroid samples obtained from Adult Health Study participants (Addendum to RP 2-86)

Research Protocol 6-15

Epidemiological Study of Health Effects in Fukushima Emergency Workers (Abbreviation: NEW Study)