Radioisotope Facility

The Radioisotope (RI) Facility is a laboratory where radiation effects in both germ cells and somatic cells are examined by using liquid radioisotopes. Use of seven types of radioisotopes, including 32P, 3H, 51Cr, and 125I, is authorized. Recently, DNA analysis with 32P is the most frequent testing conducted here.

All of RERF’s research departments share the RI facility. More than 20 staff members from the Department of Molecular Biosciences are registered for authorized use of the RI facility, and they receive training once a year and health examinations twice a year. Three persons are facility administrators responsible for safe conduct of experiments. Measurements of radioactive concentration in the air inside and in the exhaust from the RI facility are sent to a central monitor located in the control room.

Legal regulations concerning the facility’s safe management are strictly observed. The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, the country’s official supervisory authority for such laboratories, monitors operations and issues advisories when violations occur in such institutions to preclude recurrences. Upon receipt of such notices, we conduct inspections for any inadequacies and make efforts to improve operations accordingly.