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Report of the 11th RERF Board of Councilors

The 11th RERF Board of Councilors (BOC)* was recently carried out in accordance with the RERF Articles of Incorporation “Decision-making Outside of BOC Meetings” and “Omission of Reporting to BOC Meetings,” based on a mail-in ballot process whereby materials were sent by mail to councilors for their written decisions. In typical times, councilors from Japan and the United States gather in person at a meeting venue to discuss agenda items. But due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the remote format for this year’s BOC was the same as that used for last year’s.

A summary of the mail-in ballot decisions made at the 11th RERF Board of Councilors (BOC) is as follows:

Matters resolved by mail-in ballot
  1. Reports of activities and settlement of accounts
    A status report of FY2020 activities was made based on RERF’s report of activities (including international cooperation activities and collaborative activities with foreign researchers or institutions), settlement of accounts report, audit report, and other supporting documents, and all were approved by mail-in ballot without objection.

  2. Plans of activities, budget, and related matters
    Reports of FY2021 plans of activities included research projects on health effects of A-bomb survivors and their children (F1), and projects to elucidate individual radiation doses and the effects of A-bombs. They also included projects to publicize research results and to collaborate with other scientific organizations, training programs for domestic and overseas specialists, and public-awareness programs. The FY2021 working budget required to implement these projects was also reported.

  3. Appointment of Councilors, Directors, Scientific Advisors, and Local Advisors
    With two Councilors, three Directors, two Scientific Advisors, and two Local Advisors reaching the end of their terms of appointment at the conclusion of the FY2021 BOC, their replacements (new appointments) and/or reappointments were decided.

1) For information about our Councilors as of June 23, 2021, please click on the following URL:
2) For information about our Directors and Auditors as of June 23, 2021, please see the following:
3) For additional information on Scientific Advisory Committee members as of June 23, 2021, please click here:
4) For additional information on Local Advisors as of June 23, 2021, please see the following:

*Boards of Councilors are the highest decision-making bodies of public interest foundations. RERF’s BOC determines the structure for work execution (e.g., appointments and dismissals of directors, auditors, and others) and the basic rules for foundation management (changes to the Articles of Incorporation, etc.). Through approval of financial statements, the BOC monitors whether RERF management is being undertaken in accordance with laws and ordinances as well as with the RERF Articles of Incorporation.