From Planning of Research to Publication of Results

  • Research protocol preparation

    Research scientists develop research plans and, based on these plans, prepare research protocols (RP).

    The RPs are reviewed by the Research Protocol Review Committee, the Committee on Biological Samples, the Recombinant DNA Experiment Safety Committee, the Experimental Animal Care Committee, the Human Investigation Committee/the Ethics Committee for Genome Research. As needed, experts from outside RERF participate in the review process.

    After approval by the above committees, the RERF Executive Committee grants final approval for the RPs.


    Study conduct and scientific review

    Studies are conducted in accord with the approved RPs and are reviewed annually by the Scientific Advisory Committee/a body of non-RERF experts. The data used at RERF are provided to researchers after being anonymized.


    Scientific paper preparation

    Based on study results, scientific papers are prepared.

    The Scientific Reports Review Committee requests both RERF and independent scientists specializing in the field concerned to review such papers. After the Committee grants its approval of the final draft, the RERF chairman gives his permission for submission of the manuscripts to scientific journals.


    Scientific journal publication

    Scientific papers are published in scientific journals after review by the journal’s reviewers. Papers by RERF research scientists have been published in many journals with a global readership of researchers.

    The analysis data used in the major paper publications are made available to the public on the RERF homepage.

    Results from RERF studies have been referenced in reports prepared by such organizations as the United Nations Scientific Committee on the Effects of Atomic Radiation (UNSCEAR) and the International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP), and utilized in establishment of radiation protection standards.


    RERF reports

    Journal articles with Japanese-language abstracts are sent as RERF Reports to relevant organizations (major epidemiology and clinical studies reports in their entirety may also be prepared in Japanese).

    Summaries of ABCC-RERF Reports are posted sequentially on the RERF homepage. Lists of all published papers can be accessed on the homepage.