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The Radiation Effects Research Foundation (hereafter referred to as ”RERF”) website is operated based on the terms and conditions set forth below for the purpose of providing the foundation’s information to the public. Your access to or use of the website constitutes your agreement to be bound by the Site Policy. The Site Policy may be changed without any prior notice. You will be notified of any such change through the website. Your initial use of the site following the posting of such change shall constitute your acceptance of the Site Policy as revised.


Persons wishing to cite material on the RERF website are free to do so, but should not consider material on the website to be equivalent to peer-reviewed journals or published books in terms of level of critical scientific review. Unless a specific author is mentioned, authorship should be credited to ”Radiation Effects Research Foundation.” If an article is not dated, the date the article was cited should be used. Unless otherwise stated, the copyrights of texts, drawings and images published on the RERF website are the property of RERF.

We reserve the right to add, modify, or delete the content of the website at any time without notification. Persons wishing to cite materials on the RERF website should note the exact location (URL) and title of the page(s) they are citing and record the date on which they cited the page(s). They should also retain for their own records a printed copy of the page(s). RERF accepts no responsibility for any damage from subsequent changes or deletions in its website content to others’ use of citations of the site; people citing the RERF website shall take responsibility for documenting the legitimacy of their citation.

Linking to the RERF website

You may create links to the RERF website on the condition that they are not for profit and that the name of RERF be indicated as the source. In any case, you are requested to contact RERF before creating any links.

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