Welcome to RERF’s new email magazine.


We are pleased to announce the start of our new, free email magazine “RERF E-News.” With this new communications concept we aim to deliver to subscribers a broad spectrum of information about opinions voiced by our research scientists and general staff, academic meetings and events, as well as published papers reporting our research results. Our objective is to provide a platform whereby subscribers can grow more familiar with the inside stories at RERF.


RERF E-News is designed to deliver content to a wide range of people, from experts in various scientific fields to non-specialists who simply hope to learn about radiation health effects.

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Privacy policy:

RERF, in handling personal information obtained from subscribers for E-News distribution, pledges to comply with Japan’s Personal Information Protection Law. This personal information will be strictly safeguarded at RERF and will not be used for purposes other than related to E-News distribution. In addition, personal information will never be disclosed to third parties except when disclosure is required by law.



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