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We are no longer taking applications for recommendation of researchers/doctors from abroad for FY2020.

To: Persons responsible for application of research organizations

From: Ohtsura Niwa
Chairman, Radiation Effects Research Foundation

Subject: Call for recommendation of researchers/doctors from abroad for FY2020 RERF Training Program

The Radiation Effects Research Foundation (RERF) is soliciting recommendations for researchers, doctors, and students from abroad to be accepted for training at RERF, in accordance with the following considerations. We would be grateful for your nomination(s) of trainee candidates.
Applications will be accepted only from persons responsible for application of research organizations. Any individual who is interested in the training program should first file an application within his or her organization, which in turn will submit the designated application form to RERF in the name of the organization.

[Outline of training program]

Number of trainees to be invited: Approximately 5

Themes and description of training:
Theme 1) Training for molecular biological study of radiation effects

A. Detection of radiation-induced chromosome aberrations

  1. Lymphocyte culture and preparation of chromosome samples
  2. Giemsa staining (dicentric chromosome) and FISH (translocation)

B. Development of a system to measure radiation effects

  1. Method for detection of radiation-induced genome damages
  2. Method for detection of somatic mutations

C. Study of radiation associated diseases

  1. Detection of gene mutation of the radiation-associated diseases and study of molecular epidemiology
  2. Experiments and analysis methods for determining the effects of radiation on blood cells
Theme 2)* Introduction to epidemiological research at RERF
  1. Lectures to outline epidemiological studies on health effects of atomic bomb radiation (lectures on dosimetry and clinical studies will also be included.)
  2. Tutorials in basic statistical mehods of risk estimation and practical exercises in the use of R (and, for those familiar with it through radiation epidemiology work, Epicure) software for modeling radiation risk
Training period:

From November 10 (Tue.) to 20 (Fri.), 2020
*Regarding Theme 2), this training period can be abbreviated depending on trainees’ interest in the related activities.

Training site:

Radiation Effects Research Foundation
5-2 Hijiyama Park, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City, 732-0815, Japan
Theme 1): Department of Molecular Biosciences
Theme 2): Departments of Epidemiology, Statistics and Clinical Studies

Payment of travel and other expenses:

RERF will pay travel expenses and an allowance and provide lodging to trainees, in accordance with the organization’s regulations.
Travel expenses: Economy airfare and reserved seating for the Shinkansen super express
Allowance: 2,600 yen daily for the first 10 day-period (including weekend days) and 1,300 yen daily for the 11th and subsequent days
Lodging: Rental apartment in the city of Hiroshima (equipped with basic electric appliances and cooking utensils)

[Application procedure]

Application procedure:

Please fill out the attached application form with the appropriate signatures and send the PDF file and Word file (without signature) to the following email address or mail the completed form by post to the address below.


Application form (Microsoft Word)

Application deadline:

May 15 (Friday), 2020 (as indicated by the postmark on the envelope)

Application submitted to:

Ms. Harachi and Ms. Yonezawa
External Affairs Unit, General Affairs Section
Radiation Effects Research Foundation
5-2 Hijiyama Park, Minami-ku, Hiroshima City, 732-0815, Japan
Fax: +81-82-263-7279
Email:  Click here

Expected schedule for notifications:

Notification of informal decision of invitation – by June 30, 2020
Official notification of invitation (after finalization of budget) – by September 18, 2020