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Notice of RERF measures against novel coronavirus (introduction of partial work-from-home system and flexible work hours)

Adhering to one of the Japanese government’s basic countermeasures against the coronavirus (reducing contact among people) called for in the recent declaration of a state of emergency, RERF has put in place a system to allow some employees to work from home, in addition to staggered work hours already in effect, starting April 22 (Wed.), 2020.

As the Japanese government recommended that workplaces reduce the number of workers who commute to the workplace by between 70 and 80 percent, RERF will cooperate by trying to reduce the risk of infection locally and avoiding the placement of employees in the three conditions of closed spaces, close contact with crowds, and close social distances. The aim of this countermeasure is to help prevent spread of the virus and end the state of emergency as soon as possible. Your understanding and cooperation would be much appreciated.