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RERF’s Ritsu Sakata presented with Japan Radiation Research Society (JRRS) Iwasaki Tamiko Award

At the 64th Annual Meeting of the Japan Research Society (JRRS), held September 22–24, Dr. Ritsu Sakata, Assistant Chief of the RERF Epidemiology Department, was presented with the “Iwasaki Tamiko Award.” The Iwasaki Tamiko Award is designed to recognize female researchers of note for their contributions to the vitalization of radiological sciences in Japan and further development of the JRRS organization. Awarded for “Epidemiological research on characteristics of radiation carcinogenic sites,” Dr. Sakata, in her acceptance speech, touched on the topics of risk-analysis results for menopause, cancer of the upper gastrointestinal tract, and lymphoma, as well as the RERF program series Epidemiological Training Workshops for Radiobiologists.

Over the past several years, Dr. Sakata has served as a JRRS academic councilor. She was recommended as a candidate for the award by Dr. Asao Noda, Chief of the RERF Department of Molecular Biosciences. Besides Dr. Sakata, the other awardee this year was Dr. Chizuru Tsuruoka of the National Institutes for Quantum Science and Technology (QST).

Since the JRRS Iwasaki Tamiko Award was established 10 years ago, based on a donation from Dr. Iwasaki, numerous gifted scientists have been granted the distinction. RERF was therefore pleased to learn that Dr. Sakata had received the prestigious award this year. Dr. Sakata being bestowed the award was made all the more meaningful by Dr. Iwasaki’s passing this past July, news of which many people might already be aware.

With Dr. Sakata’s receipt of the award, RERF anticipates further recognition of the work done by its women researchers as the talents of women in science garner ever more recognition. RERF congratulates Dr. Sakata for the recent award and wishes her continued success in her future research efforts.