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Held at Nagasaki RERF: 27th Meeting of the Nagasaki Local Liaison Council

The 27th meeting of the Nagasaki Local Liaison Council (LLC) was held on January 13, 2021. With the aim of preventing the spread of the coronavirus, the LLC in Nagasaki was held remotely for the first time using a web-conferencing system. Shigeru Kono, President of Nagasaki University, chaired the meeting, with 14 of the 21 members including one substitute in attendance engaging in discussions regarding the following items:

1. Overview since the last meeting (February 2019) and recent research results
2. Stakeholder Committee on Usage of RERF’s Stored Biosample
3. Future and strategic plans
4. Other reports
* Items 1–4 above are the same as with those for the 24th Hiroshima LLC. For details, please read the article “Held at Hiroshima RERF: 24th Meeting of the Hiroshima Local Liaison Council.”

The committee members recommended that RERF take full advantage of its top-class scientific results in the world of epidemiological research that RERF has accumulated over many years in collaborative research, and so on. A request also was made that RERF return concrete research results to each A-bomb survivor from its work on genome analysis research in the future. After finishing the proceedings, the meeting ended with a closing remark by Dr. Kono, who said, “I would like RERF to fully consider the opinions expressed at today’s meeting, utilizing them in RERF operations and in the planning of the kind of work RERF should be doing in the future.”

After the meeting, RERF held a press conference in which participated 11 reporters representing eight companies.