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Stakeholder Committee on Genome Sequencing Analysis for A-bomb Survivors’ Children submits advice to RERF

On August 12, in an online ceremony that was followed by a press conference, the Stakeholder Committee on Genome Sequencing Analysis for A-bomb Survivors’ Children submitted “advice” (see hyperlink below to access) to RERF about genome sequencing research that the research organization is in the process of developing. The committee is composed of a chair, a vice chair, and 12 committee members, including specialists in medicine and law as well as A-bomb survivors and children of survivors.

The committee was established in 2021, with the first meeting held in August of that year, to provide RERF with the opportunity to listen to objective opinions from the public regarding its proposed genome sequencing analysis study of A-bomb survivor parent-child “trios.” The research will be designed to clarify whether the numbers of DNA sequence changes are increased in children born to A-bomb survivor parents depending on parental exposure dose.

Over more than one year, the committee met five times, culminating in formulation of the written advice. After receiving the document from the committee in the ceremony, RERF expressed its intent to proceed with preparations for its genome sequencing analysis research.

A press conference was held after the ceremony’s conclusion, with eight Hiroshima and four Nagasaki media organizations participating in the online event. RERF Chairperson Ohtsura Niwa conveyed his satisfaction regarding the committee’s encouragement of RERF to proceed with the genome sequencing analysis research, given the importance of understanding whether genetic effects due to radiation from the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki are inherited in the children of A-bomb survivors.

Stakeholder Committee on Genome Sequencing Analysis for A-bomb Survivors’ Children—Committee’s Advice

Details of ceremony (including press gathering)

Date and time: Friday, August 12, 2022, 10:00–10:55 a.m.
Ceremony and press conference
held online:
Hosted by: Nagasaki Laboratory, Radiation Effects Research Foundation
Connected to: Hiroshima Laboratory, RERF
Attendees: At Nagasaki
Shigeru Katamine, Committee Chair (President, Nagasaki City Hospital Organization [Former President, Nagasaki University])
Ohtsura Niwa, RERF Chairperson
At Hiroshima
Robert L. Ullrich, RERF Vice Chairperson
Kazunori Kodama, RERF Executive Director