Making of the RERF Open House

The operation and management of the Open House are carried out by an “Open House Working Committee” in each of Hiroshima and Nagasaki every year. The OHWC is composed of a chairperson, vice chairpersons, regular committee members, and advisors. Following appointment of the chairperson in late January, appointment of the other members takes place in February. The employee assigned to the chairperson post can sometimes feel anxious about their work responsibilities. There are so many issues about which to worry, such as whether things will go well in terms of the work that is shared with each department, and how to attract as many visitors to the event as possible.

The OHWC is largely composed of three units: the Planning Unit, the Administrative Unit, and the Public-relations/Liaison Unit. The Planning Unit handles planning, the special exhibitions, lectures, and rental panel arrangements, etc. The Administrative Unit arranges the receptionists on the event day, arrangement and management of a rest area and parking lots, and preparation and collection of questionnaires, etc. The Public-relations/Liaison Unit creates and distributes flyers and posters advertising the event, and requests that such Open House announcements be publicized by other related organizations. Each of the vice chairpersons organizes the unit’s work and makes status reports to the chairperson, requesting the chairperson’s instructions if necessary.

In mid-February, the chairperson discusses the basic policy (date, theme, budget, etc.) with the vice chairpersons, deliberating until a conclusion is reached on these issues at the OHWC held in March. The event dates in Hiroshima and Nagasaki often have been set in conjunction with the commemorations of the atomic bombings, so that many people can visit the event. However, some guests continue to express their opinion that the Open House should be held when the weather is cooler, which presents a problem for the committee members every year, given that the bombing anniversaries are in the summer.

Chairperson – Vice Chairpersons Meeting (Nagasaki: FY2019)

Open House Working Committee Meeting (Hiroshima: FY2019)


Once the plan’s contents are finalized, the OHWC starts to create posters and flyers to advertise the event to the public and media. The work is alternated between Hiroshima and Nagasaki every year, with the same design being used in both cities the same year. Nagasaki is in charge of this ad work this year. The flyers are printed in the tens of thousands for the two cities together.

Click below to take a look at this year’s flyers.

Flyer of the 2019 Open House Hiroshima (PDF:683KB)

Flyer of the 2019 Open House Nagasaki (PDF:832KB) (Japanese only)

Once the flyers and posters are completed, the Public-relations/Liaison Unit distributes the marketing materials to nearby schools and hospitals. In addition, they visit other major organizations to request their cooperation in distributing the materials. Every year, understanding where RERF should distribute the materials to attract as many visitors as possible is one of the true talents of the Public-relations/Liaison Unit’s staff. They, of course, understand that more distribution generates better visitor numbers. But the budget is limited. Public relations activities based on cost effectiveness are necessary.

Request of support to related organization (at Hiroshima Prefectural office) (Hiroshima: FY2019)


On the day prior to the event, all RERF staff start preparations. All staff have to be extra careful of injuries and dehydration, since their average age is now around 51 years.

Preparation of main entrance (Hiroshima: FY2016)

Preparation of exhibit at research department (Hiroshima: FY2018)


Following the preparations, RERF staff has to undergo training and thoroughly prepare for the event.

RERF staff taking a briefing from a research scientist at the Epidemiology Department’s panel (Hiroshima: FY2014)


Lastly, Hiroshima and Nagasaki chairpersons this year will give a few comments about the event this year.

Mr. Naohiro Hayakawa, Chairperson, Hiroshima Open House Working Committee

“The Hiroshima RERF Open House celebrates its 25th anniversary this year. This May, a new era began, as Japan transitioned from Heisei to Reiwa, but there was no change in the desire of staff members for permanent world peace. At this opportunity, I hope that everyone will be able to see, understand, and deepen understanding of the overall image of ‘RERF looks to the future’ while feeling ‘Serenity and peace.’ We look forward to your visit!!”

Mr. Hirosuke Tasaki, Chairperson, Nagasaki Open House Working Committee

“The Open House in Nagasaki is a bit smaller than that in Hiroshima, but we are working hard to prepare easy-to-understand explanations of radiation effects, RERF research results, and cancer. Please invite your friends and come visit us!”