Department of Statistics

The RERF Department of Statistics is a bi-national group of statistician scientists who apply their expertise to the advancement of research in the health effects of ionizing radiation. This expertise is an essential component of modern epidemiological and biomedical research. Department members collaborate with scientists in the RERF Departments of Epidemiology, Clinical Studies, and Molecular Biosciences, and with international experts in statistics and radiation epidemiology, to design and analyze RERF research studies and report the results of this research to the atomic bomb survivor community and to the scientific community at large. Department members also perform original research to develop new or extend existing statistical methods that are essential to the mission of RERF. The Department also maintains and ensures the integrity of the RERF radiation dosimetry system, which uses information about survivor location, orientation, and physical features to compute exposure dose estimates for individual RERF cohort members through application of sophisticated radiation physics models. These dose estimates are used in virtually all RERF research. Lastly, the Department performs education and outreach activities, presenting our work at international scientific meetings, and inviting to RERF statisticians worldwide who have valuable expertise to advise and potentially collaborate in methodologic or applied research.

Through these various activities and involvements, members of the RERF Department of Statistics play a central role in and make important contributions to RERF’s research mission.

Research Scientists and their Research Interests