Hanna Lindner


Department of Statistics
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Dr. Lindner joined the Department of Statistics in 2023 after completing her master’s and doctoral degree in Biostatistics from the University of Pennsylvania. She previously held a position at the NIH National Cancer Institute where she applied correlated age-period-cohort models to study health disparities in prostate cancer. At the University of Pennsylvania, she used survival analysis and regression methods to study the influence of dialysis treatment non-adherence to post-kidney transplant outcomes. Finally, her dissertation work developed novel ROC-based statistical methods for the discovery and evaluation of nontraditional biomarkers with applications in omics data.


Doctor of Philosophy, Biostatistics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
Master of Science, Biostatistics, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
Bachelor of Science, Statistics, University of Central Florida, Orlando, Florida, USA.


Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Department of Statistics
Intern, National Institutes of Health: National Cancer Institute

Selected publications

Muira, J., Lindner, H., Karakousis G.C., Gimotty, P.A. Conditional Survival Estimates for Merkel Cell Carcinoma Reveal the Dynamic Nature of Prognostication. Journal of Surgical Oncology. March 2022
Sawinski D., Lindner H., Shults J., Locke J.E., Cohen, J.B., MacLennan P.A., Reese, P.P. A retrospective cohort study of dialysis nonadherence and kidney transplant outcomes. American Journal of Kidney Diseases. September 2021
Modi, M.B., Gimotty, P., Ming, M.E., Jariwala, N., Elenitsas, R., Miller, C., Lindner, H., Moshiri, A.S., Schwartz, L.E., Lal, P., Reyes, M.C., Elder, D.E., Xu, X. Urethral involvement is associated with higher mortality and local recurrence in vulvar melanoma: a single institutional experience. Human Pathology. July 2020
Talton, W., Lindner, H., & Rovito, M. J. Increasing Urologic Care Ratios: Implications of Male Patient Care in Florida. American journal of men’s health, 2016