Alina V. Brenner


Department of Epidemiology


Dr. Brenner joined the Department of Epidemiology at RERF as a Senior Scientist in October 2017. Dr. Brenner previously served as Staff Scientist in the Radiation Epidemiology Branch, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute, USA where she studied health consequences of radiation exposure from the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant accident. The goal of Dr. Brenner’s research is to improve our understanding and quantification of cancer risk following exposure to ionizing radiation. Her current research interests include a comparison of radiation risk patterns across different cancer sites and tissues in the Life Span Study cohort of atomic bomb survivors and the relation of these differences to lifestyle factors and underlying biology. She places special emphasis on the etiology of radiation-related breast, endometrial, CNS, and thyroid cancers and collaborates with pathologists and geneticists at RERF.


Master of Public Health, Epidemiology, George Washington University, Washington D.C., USA
Doctor of Philosophy, Allergy and Immunology, Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russian Federation
Doctor of Medicine, Biochemistry, Russian State Medical University, Moscow, Russian Federation


Radiation Effects Research Foundation, Department of Epidemiology
  • 2022-2023

    Assistant Department Chief

  • 2017-

    Senior Scientist

National Cancer Institute, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, Radiation Epidemiology Branch
  • 2004-2017

    Staff Scientist

  • 1999-2004

    Post-Doctoral Fellow

Selected publications

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